Through Miles' Eyes

The Through Miles’ “Eyes” series of work are based upon the subject of the image becoming more abstract with less emphasis placed on the reference of an actual subject. For this project, I would take Miles my dog on walks, and I let him choose the route, photographing anything that attracted his attention for longer than 3 seconds. To take the image, I used a 55mm lens which most closely mimics the way a dog sees and I would get down to his eye level and take the photograph. I then processed these images though a color space that closely matches what a dog’s eye can perceive. The resulting images seem somewhat out of place: the color of the images are not quite right; visually and compositionally there is not much to look at; in these images we see fence posts, mail boxes and doors.  As a result, ideas behind this work push the concept of a traditional subject to the background and invite investigation to look for what is not represented within the photograph.